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Bobbi Boss 100% Human Hair Visso Persian Yaky

Bobbi Boss 100% Human Hair Visso Persian Yaky

VISSO PERSIAN Hair is constructed with luxurious natural texture for healthy youthful styles. The extensive color provides more choices to fit your style need to obtain the most creative style. You will adore the lasting rich luster of VISSO™ PERSIAN Hair that outlast multiple washer. It's premium volume and extra long length give your style a fuller and better appearance and feel.

- Weaving Hair. - 100% Human Hair. - SINGLE Pack Ordering. - Comes Straight in Pack. - Can Be Curled and Straightened. - Can Be Washed. - Available in Lengths 8" - 18"

Bobbi Boss Visso Persian is trusted BOBBI BOSS' quality select 100% natural human hair. Its exotic, rich, sensuous texture and feel gives you natural looking hair with extensive color choices.

Why is this product good for you?

Its natural texture gives you healthy-looking & youthful style. It lasts long because of its rich luster. You'll be fine with multiple washes. This hair gives you soft & natural touch without coarseness. You can choose your color among trendy multi-toned colors.

What do you need to know about this product?

This hair has silky texture. You can use styling tools such as flat irons, curling irons and so on.